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Like most Korean families, they resented the Japanese occupation of the Korean peninsula, which began on 29 August 1910.Another view seems to be that his family settled in Manchuria, as many Koreans had at the time to escape famine.Thus I was called by three names, Song Ju, Han Byol and Il Sung. But my comrades would not listen to me, no matter how sternly I rebuked them for it or argued against it....It was in the spring of 1931 when I spent some three weeks in prison, having been arrested by the warlords in Guyushu, that the name Kim Il Sung appeared in the press for the first time.In 1998, Kim Il-sung was given the title "Eternal President of the Republic".Controversy surrounds Kim's life before the founding of North Korea, with some sources labeling him an impostor.

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The police discovered the group three weeks after it formed in 1929, and jailed Kim for several months.These comrades upheld me as their leader, even giving me a new name and singing a song about me. Kim's family is said to have originated from Jeonju, North Jeolla Province.His great-grandfather, Kim Ung-u, settled in Mangyong-dae in 1860.Several witnesses knew Kim before and after his time in the Soviet Union, including his superior, Zhou Baozhong, who dismissed the claim of a "second" Kim in his diaries.Around the time the song Star of Korea was being spread, my comrades changed my name and began to call me Han Byol ... It was Pyon Tae U and other public-minded people in Wujiazi and such young communists as Choe Il Chon who proposed to change my name into Kim Il Sung. Still less did I tolerate the people extolling me by comparing me to a star or the sun; it did not befit me, [as a] young man.

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