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Children as young as 3 can help slip the tent poles into the fabric.Other easy tasks to assign: pulling sleeping bags out of stuff sacks (for the toddler set), blowing up mattresses, gathering kindling (where allowed), and getting water from the pump.Most of these items can be found at big discount stores: - Big storage bins- Storage with pullout drawers- Hamper- Shoe rack that can hang in a closet- Organizational material for desks (letter sorter, pen jar, etc.)- Small trash cans- TV wall mount - Bed risers (These sit under bedposts, lifting them high enough to create storage space underneath.)- Something to hold dirty dishes until you're ready to wash them- One or more fans for rooms without air conditioning- Tote for toiletries- Throw pillows to jazz up your bed and futon Camping makes so much sense right now.It’s an inexpensive in a tight-budget economy and a way to give your kids what they may lack in this go-go era: unstructured time outside, away from screens, homework, and an avalanche of after-school activities.Camping provides a rare chance for them (and you) to be a kid, and what could be more important?These nine pro pointers will help make your vacation in the great outdoors fun, safe, and enjoyable.Glow sticks rank as Adler’s number-one gear item for kids, because they are just so dang much fun to play with when the sun goes down.“I cannot overstate the power of the glow stick,” he says.

The pack “makes them feel cool,” she says, “and they drink a lot more when they have that little hose on their shoulder.” She also equips her sons with inexpensive headlamps (, ), which make walking around at night safer and reading in the tent more fun.

Pro secret: Kristin Hostetter, gear editor of r and Tilton’s coauthor, makes setting up camp a fast, friendly competition for her two sons by timing them.

A few key purchases have both kid appeal and safety value.

Websites like and are great resources for locale suggestions.

After you find a campground that meets your basic requirements, think about the kind of experience you want to have.

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