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The only snag is that the publisher insists that the young woman 'author' does press and publicity. Veniamin, a teenager in the midst of a mystical crisis, has his mother, schoolmates and entire high school turned upside down by his questions.

- Can girls go to their swimming classes in bikinis? - Should the theory of evolution be taught as part of the Natural Sciences? Bazat pe romanul clasic al lui Margaret Atwood, serialul prezintă povestea vieții din țara distopică Gilead, o societate totalitară cunoscută în trecut ca Statele Unite.

In the film he wonders, however, if "filmmakers will be remembered" the way great artists are. An admirer of the Russian filmmaker since his student days, he plans two more films on the subject, saying it is "time to celebrate the greatest film director we have ever known".

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Spending time in Mexico -- "away from all the paranoia and Stalinist persecution," as Greenaway put it -- was a liberating experience for the man who had delighted Soviet propagandists with epic recreations of the 1917 Revolution.

Offred (Elisabeth Moss), una dintre ultimele femei ... Coming from the vibrancy of Paris, pert Célestine is procured as a chambermaid in Normandy.

In the Lanlaire's villa she encounters the lecherous man of the house and his asexual, tyrannical and jealous wife.

Asked how this would go down in President Vladimir Putin's Russia, which outlaws what it calls homosexual propaganda, the always provocative Greenaway said he just wanted to portray "the ultimate father figure of world cinema" as a flesh-and-blood human being."The fall-out in terms of what the Russians think was of no interest to me and still isn't," the 72-year-old director told Reuters in an interview, turning the tables to ask: "How is it that Russia has never made a good film about Eisenstein?

"Greenaway's take on the great director's life is set in 1931 and focuses on Eisenstein's stay in the picturesque city of Guanajuato and his affair with his handsome guide Palomino, played by Luis Alberti.

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