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But for many species, migration may just be a way to survive the global extinction crisis.In our recently published study, we found that one of the Earth’s most imperilled group of species is hanging on in part thanks to introduced populations.Staffed by a team of international veterinarians, the hospital, can treat 20 camels.It's also equipped with a mini-race track to get the camels up and running after their medical procedures.I've lived out here for two years but this is definitely not the norm.'We were driving out of Dubai to go to a stag do and we just spotted them at the side of the road absolutely going for it.'Obviously in some of the more rural places here you do see wild animals but this was on another level.The pair were caught in the act by a British ex-pat in the country who filmed the grunting female being mounted by her partner just off the the central reservation of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, between Dubai and Ras Al-Khaimah, on Thursday afternoon'One of the camels had completely mounted the other and it was just hilarious.Billie Jean King has said one of the main venues for the Australian Open tennis tournament should be renamed because of Margaret Court's comments about the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.Two camels caused a massive traffic jam in the desert when they decided to mate in the middle of a motorway in the United Arab Emirates.

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The roadside romp caused massive delays as motorists honked their horns and stopped to take photographs.'We were soon on our way so I've no idea how long they stayed there.'People were beeping their horns but how do you move on two humping camels?Daniel Ramp is the Director of the Centre for Compassionate Conservation (Cf CC) at UTS.The camels be heard grunting loudly as motorists toot their horns, with some pulling over to investigate.The witness said: 'I know people might have a certain impression of what Arabic countries are like, but this is definitely quite rare.'We kind of rubbed our eyes and were like "is that definitely what it looks like? 'The natural reaction these days is just to film something.'It's undoubtedly the best thing I've seen since I moved to the Middle East.

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