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The same goes for that other popular social beverage – alcohol.

Not sure what the science says about the scene below though.

This is the lovely Mistress Eleise De Lacy in a shot for Femme Fatale Films.Virtually all physicians already use non visit interactions to some extent, but their improvised approaches could be vastly improved if health systems were designed with such care as the explicit goal”“Progress in this direction is already under way.At Kaiser Permanente, for example, 52% of the more than 100 million patient encounters each year are now “virtual visits.”1 The organization has been able to innovate in this area in part because it spends about 25% of its annual .8 billion capital budget on information technology.Given the amount she charges for this stuff, there might also be an element of fin-domme going on as well.While some of us would find daily life tough to face without our regular caffeine fix, it’s probably best to avoid taking it anally.

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